The Monkey King

Audio read-along books for children based on the ancient South Asian Panchatantra and Jataka stories, precursors to Aesop’s fables. The narration by renowned South Asian actors in English is highly entertaining. The books are illustrated with cuddly characters in vibrant colors. Children can sing along with the jungle music. Several songs are presented in a world music format, concluding with a key take home message. A glossary of key words and pronunciations, special background information and a learning guide accompanies each title. Produced by Sky Music (India), a corporation led by educators and musicians trained in special education and world music.
In this story, Kapi, King of the monkeys, is called by elder statesman Vaayu to build a bridge to a neighbouring tree. This will allow his fellow monkeys to escape from the arrows of the king’s men. As the vine fell short of what was needed to cross over, Kapi allowed the other monkeys to use his body to fill the gap in the bridge. This is a tale of nobility and true leadership.
One full colour soft bound 22-page book, one 22-minute audio tape, lyrics to the songs, and a special learning insert. Narrated by Saeed Jaffrey.


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Shobha Viswanath

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-8181900333


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