The Roaring Twenties: A History From Beginning To End

The Roaring TwentiesThe Roaring Twenties was a golden age of economic prosperity and liberal social change. Innovations in numerous industries revived a sluggish post-World War I economy, and mass production methods allowed for the standardized, rapid production of various goods, the most notable of which was the automobile. The roar of thousands of newly manufactured vehicles filled the city streets, and the ripple effect of the industry spawned a myriad of ancillary industries, such as car dealerships and mechanic shops. Innovations in the entertainment industry heralded the Golden Age of Radio and resulted in the replacement of vaudeville with cinema as “talkies” replaced silent films and movies came alive with color. The most iconic image of the era was the flapper-a thoroughly modern, young woman, unafraid to flout the social norms of her parents’ generation and break with long-standing traditions. She typified the sexually expressive, modern, young, and fun woman who had gained the right to vote, and who was ready to take her rightful place in both the workforce and in the speakeasies that cropped up in the wake of Prohibition.
Inside you will read about…? The Booming Economy of the 1920s
? Babe Ruth, Jazz, Art Deco, and the Flapper
? Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, and Gay Rights
? Politics and All That Jazz
? The Wall Street Crash of 1929
And much more!
Along with the social changes for women, African-American cultural and artistic expressions ruled the day as jazz music emanated from the speakeasies and the radio. African-American literature rose to prominence, and all-black casts were featured in the popular theatrical productions. It was an era of progressive change fueled by a sustained economic prosperity that seemed to have no end. It did come to an abrupt end, though, with the Wall Street Crash of 1929. The music stopped, the flapper faded, and the roar of prosperity was silenced. The impact of that golden era, however, still reverberates throughout the modern day. This book tells the compelling story of this raucous period in history in succinct, yet informative detail that is both educational and entertaining.


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