The Secret Seven: 1

In The Secret Seven (Volume – 1), the Secret Seven set out on a mission to solve the mystery of a spooky house and its secret captive.

Summary Of The Book

The Secret Seven (Volume – 1) is the first book in Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series. The series is about a seven-member group of young fictional detectives who call themselves the Secret Seven Society. The seven members are Peter, Jack, Janet, Pam, Barbara, Colin, and George. The books make for exciting and entertaining reading for their juvenile audience.

In this book, Jack happens to see a man being take captive by a group of men. He informs the others and very soon the seven set out in disguise to look into this mysterious matter. Their trail leads them to a spooky and deserted house with a deaf caretaker.

From then on, they do everything possible to find the prisoner who has been hidden inside the house and trap the culprits. Peter and Janet’s golden spaniel Scamper, an unofficial member of their society, also helps them in their mission.

The book also introduces the readers to some of the quirks of the society. Peter’s bossiness as the leader comes to the fore, Barbara and Pam giggle at the oddest of moments, and a few others either keep forgetting the password or shouting it out loudly. Jack’s interfering and argumentative sister Susie also appears every now and then, much to the annoyance of the Secret Seven.


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Enid Blyton

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-0340893074


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