The Story of Coca Cola

Did you know the world’s most celebrated soft drink was concocted by a pharmacist while trying to create a cure for headaches? Today, more than one billion Coca-Cola products are being consumed every day around the globe. Nicknamed Coke, a company that churns out a revenue of USD 24 billion a year had a rather humble beginning. When local pharmacist John Pemberton brewed a mix of fruit syrup, extracts from cola nut, cocoa leaf and several other ingredients to create a tonic, little did he know he was creating a brand which would later become synonymous with having a good time ? frothing with fun and frolic. The Story of Coca-Cola is the chronicler of a journey that started in 1886 at the back of a shop in Atlanta, Georgia, to become the global leader in the beverage industry; through their shares of wars, scandals, ups and downs. It is the story of a survivor, a world leader.


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Valerie Bodden

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-8184957730


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