The Story of Facebook

The Story Of Facbook goes into the secret behind the success of the world’s no. 1 social networking site. This book will tell you how the man behind the scene Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s youngest billionaire, launched a casual website in his dorm room, which went on to become the world’s most popular social networking website with a user base of 250 million people, and earned him the fame of ‘Man Of The Year’ in 2010 by the Time Magazine.

The book details the development of Facbook. It describes how this site was invented by Zuckerberg, how he accepted criticism positively, how he was adamant in not selling it to any organization, and the efforts that he undertook to let his dream fly and give this networking site a new meaning. It is a source of inspiration for all young people who aspire to become future innovators and entrepreneurs. The images, statements and quotes made by the people connected with Facbook makes this book much more encouraging and interesting.


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Sara Gilbert

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-8184954388


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