The Story of Nike

The Story of Nike showcases the founding and development of multinational company, Nike. Nike wasn’t a multinational company, right from day one. It underwent various stages of development and growth, before earning its contemporary position. Phil Knight, a 24 year old sports enthusiast, dreamt of developing and selling class shoes at a lesser price. That’s how the idea of Nike was conceived and Blue Ribbon was the name chosen by Phil Knight. The first order, of five pairs of shoes, was imported from Japan. Knight and Bill Bowerman , his former track coach at the University of Oregon, together joined hands to bring up the quality of sports merchandise. Bowerman promoted the shoes to college athletes while Knight took charge of everything else. Thus began the success story of Nike. Knight and Bowerman did not have a smooth journey and were confronted by several legal and social hurdles on the way. But owing to its great administration and guidance, Nike pulled through such difficulties. Knight and Bowerman left no stone unturned in order to put Nike at pinnacle of success.


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Aaron Frisch

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ISBN: 978-8184954395


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