The Story of Twitter

Each day, some 500 million tweets fly back and forth ? enough to churn out a 10-million-page book daily! In just 140 characters, you could start a world war if you wished to. The biggest social networking platform after Facbook, Twitter has 302 million active monthly users, among whom are world leaders, celebrities and even your local grocer most likely. Thanks to its global appeal and popularity, the who’s who of the world ? from Obama @BarackObama to Pope Francis @Pontifex ? are having a conversation with all the rest of us. From live updates about mundane, day-to-day chores to political uprisings and natural calamities, Twitter has been a part of global events since its birth in 2006. Tracing the rise of this in-house babble site to a platform that rakes in millions in profit, The Story of Twitter offers a realistic tale of an unrealistic phenomenon.


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Sara Gilbert

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-8184957709


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