Those Dreadful Children

Those Dreadful Children (Enid Blyton: Family Adventures) is a book from the Family Adventure series by the storywriter Enid Blyton. Like a lot of other children – adventure books by Blyton, this book contains important messages and morals to the readers. This time it’s the Carlton family and the three children, who welcome new neighbours with three similar – aged children, after which the Carlton children find their happy lives changed dramatically.
The Carltons have been known for raising their children in an educated and religious manner, who had been enjoying their peaceful life happily, until one day they come to know that the old lady, who lived next door has moved out. Now the big question was about the new neighbours moving in. John, Margery and Annette are told by their mother about the Taggertys moving in. to their excitement, the Taggertys have four children, out of which three are almost same age to the Carlton children. But the happiness doesn’t last long, as the Taggertys’ children are fierce, impolite and notorious trouble makers. Adding to the trouble, the Carltons come to know that the Taggertys are also their classmates.
How do the Carlton children handle these new troubling kids, who are not just bad to them but to their own parents? the book takes the young readers to a journey of thrilling exploration of troubles, togetherness, joy, love, pain and realisation. Those Dreadful Children (Enid Blyton: Family Adventures) was published by Bounty in 2013 in paperback.


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Enid Blyton

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-0753725597


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