Touch The Sky

This book is a tribute to the courage and confidence of the Indian woman, from Korba to Kashmir. In each personal triumph lies a larger story. Of boldness, of transformation. Of women rising, to take their place in the sun. This time she has compiled stories from different parts of the country about women who in spite of all difficulties, showed that if you go behind something you want, you will get it anyhow.

This book covers stories of women from different parts of India who are the best example of the changing world and carrying the phrase of women empowerment. The stories of struggle in the patriarchal society, of mass movement, bringing change in family and their ideas. The joy of being independent and free from the old myths that make the girls bound to the four walls only. The stories, some are inspiring, some are impressive, some which will make you salute the women, some which will make you experience Goosebumps as you are reading her saga.


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Rashmi Bansal

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-9386850706


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