Tribal India

This book provides, in a compact and comprehensive form, different facets of life and culture of the ‘exotic’, ‘colorful’, virile and exploited tribes of India trying to come to terms with the hard realities of transition form the hoary past to the bewildering present. Starting from the concept and definition of ‘tribe’ in the Indian perspective, it journeys through its’ origin, different facets of society and culture, their various problems, issues in administration, welfare and development to a glimpse of their prospects and future. In between such topics as tribal regionalism, discontent and revolt, debt bondage, art, social change during colonial and post-independent period, impact of various religions on their society and culture and ethnographic profiles of various tribes, some other topics have added further to it’s utility. Through three dozen annexures, attempt has been made to enrich the information. A number of photographs provide the readers some idea about the ethnic and cultural diversity of Tribal India. Written in a relaxed style the book provides a rich insight into the amazing mozaic of ‘Tribal India’. In nutshell the book carries encyclopaedic value which makes it perhaps the most popular book of this field available in several Indian languages. The book fulfills the needs of a wide readership of students of sociology, anthropology, human geography etc., planners, administrators, researchers and journalists. It is also very popular among the aspirants appearing for various competitive examinations and the ‘lay readers’ interested in tribal studies.


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Nadeem Hasnain

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ISBN: 978-8185799612


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