Vikram And Vetal: (Tales Of Wit And Wisdom)

Peace and prosperity for his kingdom or freedom from a tiresome ghost?
King Vikramaditya’s justice is put to the test.
And how is a twelve year-old girl connected to this tale?

The tale of King Vikramaditya and a Vetal testing the king’s famed sense of justice is a classic. Many centuries later, these stories?that King Vikramaditya had asked for to be handed down generations?are narrated to a twelve-year-old girl by a mysterious old man. But who is this storyteller? And what connects the girl to a king from ancient times?

Poile Sengupta brings alive the age-old Vikram and Vetal stories in a new, energetic way. Funny, sad, serious and strange, this unique retelling proves how relevant these tales remain even today.


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Poile Sengupta

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-0143334989


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