Walt Disney: A Life From Beginning To End

Walt Disney
The name Disney is celebrated throughout the world because of its association with blockbuster animated films and most especially iconic cartoon characters. Just about everyone on the planet, regardless of time, place, or culture, has at one time or another become acquainted with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and everybody?s favorite anthropomorphic dog, Goofy. These are the characters that we know and love.
Inside you will read about…
– Humble Beginnings- Serving in World War I- Disney, Iwerks, and Innovation- The Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse- The Road to Success- Disney During World War IIAnd much more!In recent years Disney has become set to become even larger by adopting a new host of characters from George Lucas? Star Wars franchise. It seems that the name Disney, even 50 some years after Walt Disney?s death, is destined to get even bigger. But as much as we can associate the name Disney with these incredible films, it is amazing how little most people know about Walt Disney himself. Few know of Disney?s humble upbringing in rural America, learning to draw farm animals and flowers. Very few know the origin of Mickey Mouse, and even fewer know of the role that Donald Duck played during the war effort of World War II. Come along as we present to you a tale just as fascinating as any plot sequence to have ever graced Walt Disney?s storyboard.


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