When The Clock Strikes Thirteen

Sick was she on Thursday,
Dead was she on Friday,
Glad was Tom on Saturday night
To bury his wife on Sunday.
Loved for the evocative power of his short fiction, Ruskin Bond is well-known for his riveting stories. Told in his distinctive style, this is an eclectic collection of fourteen stories?from humour and horror to warm and soul-stirring. Classics such as ‘A Long Walk for Bina’ and ‘Grandfather’s Earthquake’ rub shoulders with tales of Fosterganj where lizards are chased to prepare magic oil, while spooks and haunted mansions give you goosebumps!
Few writers can create as compelling stories and conjure up as eccentric characters, as Ruskin Bond can. When the Clock Strikes Thirteen is storytelling at its effortless best.


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Ruskin Bond

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-8129148797


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