Windmills Of The Gods

Windmills Of The Gods is a quintessential Sidney Sheldon mystery thriller, and was first published in 1987. The storyline follows the protagonist, Mary Ashley, as she is plunged into an unexpected world of espionage, kidnapping and terror in a tale that spans several countries.
The novel commences with Mary Ashley being offered an ambassadorship by the President of the United States. She declines at first, unwilling to be separated from her husband who refuses to up and leave his successful medical practice. However, when her husband mysteriously dies in a car crash, she takes up on the offer to fill the sudden void in her life.
She relocates with her two children to Romania. However, everyone seems to be conspiring against her. Her real enemy is an invisible network of powerful men whose sole aim is to sabotage the American President’s new peace plan. Caught up in East-West confrontation, sexism, threats against her and her family, and politics of the highest order, Mary Ashley must find a way to escape the diabolical plan being hatched for her.
Suspenseful and bold, this reissue edition of Windmills Of The Gods was published by Harper in 2005, and is available in paperback.
Key Features:
In 1988, this novel was adapted into a TV miniseries, starring Jaclyn Smith.


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Sidney Sheldon

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21 Days

ISBN: 978-8172234829


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