Wolf Hall (2009)

Famous historical accounts from medieval times have been recreated as fiction in Wolf Hall: Booker Prize Winner 2009. Written by Hilary Mantel, this book explores the life of Thomas Cromwell, a person who ruthlessly climbed the social ladder to be a king’s personal advisor. Set in the time of Henry VIII, this piece of historical fiction gives readers the perspective of a man commonly judged as evil.

Thomas Cromwell was the son of a blacksmith in medieval England and he had gone through many roles in life to rise as the King’s Chief Minister. Cromwell was generally considered a villainous and unimportant personality by historians since his execution. However, this book gives a different perspective into the life Cromwell might have actually had.

The author had thoroughly researched historical accounts from Henry VIII’s time to cross-check facts for her book. It took her more than 5 years of research in order to satisfactorily write the novel. The recipient of the illustrious Booker prize, this novel gives a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the royalty during those times.


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Hilary Mantel

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ISBN: 978-0007353552


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