Quiz – How Well Do You Know the Secrets of the Ramayana (Part 2)


How Well Do You Know the Secrets of the Ramayana! - 2

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Who was Bali's son?

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Which sage gave the four sons of Dasharatha education?

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Hanuman was the son of?

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Distances in the Ramayana are mentioned in yojanas. One yojana is approximately how many kilometres

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On whose advice did Ravan agree to spare Hanuman and set him free after setting alight his tail?

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Who provided Ram with a chariot during the final battle against Ravana?

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Ayodhya is situated on the banks of which river?

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During Ram's exile, what possession of his did Bharat keep on the throne?

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Which dynasty did Lord Rama belong to?

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Ayodhya was the capital of which kingdom?

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Which of the below is not amongst the many names of Sita?

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Who suggested that Ram should pass his years of exile in Chitrakoot Mountain?

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Whose help did Ravana took to carry sita away.

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Sita is an incarnation of which Goddess?

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Sita was also known by which other name?

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