Corporate Membership

  • All Corporate plans involve one time non refundable deposit of Rs 10,000 towards partner onboarding fees
  • All corporate plans are valid for minimum 1 year term and can be renewed annually
  • Only 1 book can be issued per customer order
  • For corporate customers rental period is 21 days or actual rental period whichever is later. However, customers can choose to return the book earlier as well.
  • For more details on which plan suits your organization best you may please contact our Sales representative at and/or 9667088071
 S. No  Plan Name  Description  Non refundable deposit (One time)
 1  Pay As You Read  Organizations can choose to borrow as many books as they wish at the prevalant rent. The organization is charged based on the number of books borrowed per month.  Rs. 10,000
2 Fixed Plan Suitable for organizations that wish to borrow books in bulk for their employees. The organization pays a fixed monthly amount irrespective of number of books borrowed. Rs. 10,000
3 Deep Discount Plan A discounted rent is charged subject to the organization’s commitment to borrow a minimum number of books per month. Rs. 10,000
4 Employee Plan A special rental plan for the employees of an organization that is paid for by its employees. Rs. 10,000

Rent a Book ( is an online portal, which gives members access to thousands of books, spread across multiple categories. The member can rent unlimited number of books for a definite period of time. There are no membership Read more
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