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Rent a Book (www.rentabook.co.in) is an online portal, which gives members access to thousands of books, spread across multiple categories. The member can rent unlimited number of books for a definite period of time. There are no membership plans and as an introductory offer you do not pay for any one time security deposit (refundable or non refundable) unlike other book rental websites. We provide free delivery and pick-up of books with no concept of late fees.

You can discover new authors and genres with our unlimited book rental service. Our members enjoy the highest commitment to customer service, satisfaction, and unmatched value. We help our members save time and money with the simplest and most convenient book rental service anywhere in Delhi & Gurugram.

We at Rent a Book believe that renting books could save readers lots of money. With low prices and a straightforward renting process, our aim is to become a primary source for affordable book rentals.

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