Quiz – “Journey to the Center of the Earth”


"Journey to the Center of the Earth" Book Quiz

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Whose initials do they find on a cave wall?

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What was the twelve foot man herding?

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When did Saknussemm say that you had to enter the crater by?

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Where is Hans from?

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Prior to being a guide for Otto, what was Hans' profession?

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Where are Otto and Axel from?

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How do the characters exit their journey to the Center of the Earth?

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Where is the entrance to the Center of the Earth?

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What do the characters use to get past the cave wall separating them from the volcano?

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Who guides Otto and Axel to the center of the Earth?

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What is the Hansbach?

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Who does Axel want to marry?

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Axel figured out how to read Saknussemm's message. How did one read it?

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