Quiz – The “Animal Farm” by George Orwell


The "Animal Farm" Book Quiz

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What song does Old Major teach the other animals?

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How many "Commandments of Animalism" are there?

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What do the animals attempt to construct?

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What was the name of the battle the animals won to maintain control of the farm?

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Which animals are in charge of "Animal Farm?"

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What animal gets injured in the attack by Mr. Frederick?

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Who was the owner of the farm before the animal's revolt?

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What item did the animals decide to sell to raise money for the windmill?

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What event is Animal Farm an allegory for?

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Who is responsible for the downfall of the farm?

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Where does Snowball send Boxer?

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What is the central tenet of Animalism?

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What is the name of Napoleon's rival?

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What is the name of the farm that the animals live on?

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With Whom does Napoleon make an alliance with at the end of the book?

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