House of Trump

House of Trump

Book Title: House of Trump, House of Putin

Author: Craig Unger

My Review Rating: 5/5

Date: 17-Aug-2020

What will you think of if you come to know that the President of the most powerful country of the world has links with Kremlin and Russian Mafia and that they may have played an influential role in electing him to the office in 2016. The book provides a glimpse of Donald Trump’s bizzare, outlandish lifestyle, his oft repeated troubles & failures with the finances and how time and again he was rescued by the Russian oligarchs & mafia elite. Perhaps Kremlin had much earlier anticipated his interest in running for the US presidency and if elected one day, it could well fit in their plan of placing their pawn in the world’s most powerful country. Can this lead to a new World order? Perhaps this was the wager Kremlin was willing to bet upon.

The author seems to have done meticulous research and takes us back & forth seamlessly without losing the plot. However, the latter part of the book delves too much into Russia mafia – oligarch – Kremlin nexus and merely relegates Donald Trump to a corner where it seems to lose the plot. If you really go beyond the realm of reality then you’d actually realize there is not much revelations as far as Donald Trump is concerned than what is made out to be. He is just like any (corrupt?) businessman who can go to extreme lengths to pursue his goals. But then I think which cunning businessman does not follow suit? I’m no fan of Donald Trump with no love lost but in my opinion this book is amongst the many trying to encash upon the controversial legacy being left behind by the Incumbent president looking for a re-election.

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