A Hacker Goes To Federal Prison

Ben South is a computer programmer and a graphic designer. Combine those with youth and a little stupidity and you’ve got a what unfolds to be a tale he thought he would never have to tell. This is Ben South’s account of his experience as a stupid, young adult and what it was like going through the federal court system and ultimately serving a sentence in federal prison for a white collar crime. You may laugh. You may feel sorry for him. If you’ve ever wondered what a hacker was thinking or why they do the things they do this adventure is for you. If you ever wondered what it was like going through federal prison from start to finish this will give you some hints. This white collar true crime story will fit the bill perfectly. Aged about a decade since he’s made his mistakes, a little perspective is added to this young hacker’s account.


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Ben South

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ISBN: 978-1493725120


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