Beauty And The Beast

Once upon a time Elle made a mistake. A small miscalculation sends her through the roof of an enchanted chateau. Stranded until her broken leg mends, Elle is unwillingly forced to rely on the good will of the sour chateau owner ?the cursed Prince Severin.Prince Severin?the commanding general and staunch supporter of his brother the crown prince?is cursed to look like a beast until a maiden falls in love with him. He has given up all hope of shattering the curse, and has only disdain for Elle.Unfortunately, the pair can?t seem to avoid each other thanks to the meddling of the chateau?s cursed servants. Eventually Elle?s playful manners and Severin?s hidden gentleness draw the pair together.But not all love stories can end that easily. After all, Elle is not what she seems, and Severin?s life is placed in danger when hostilities flare between his brother and the monarchs of a neighboring country. When Elle risks everything to save Severin, will he be able to forgive her for her lies?


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K M Shea

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-1506135991


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