Excuse Me While I Wag


Cubicle-dwelling business people the world over have been knowingly nodding, faithfully push-pinning their favorite strips to their cube walls, and–most of all–belly laughing out loud ever since Dilbert first arrived on the scene. In this collection, Excuse Me While I Wag, Dilbert and his look-alike dog, Dogbert, once again provide comic relief to anyone who has ever had to inhabit a cubicle, endure an “initiative of the week,” or simply work in an office that has, on occasion, caused them to pull out large clumps of their hair. Scott Adams’ dead-on humor in Excuse Me While I Wag is sure to satisfy the hordes of fans worldwide who avidly follow the misadventures of Dilbert, Dogbert, Catbert, Ratbert, the pointy-haired boss, and the rest of the cast of characters in Dilbert’s world–a world that’s eerily like the one we work in daily.

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Scott Adams

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ISBN: 978-0740713903


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