I, Steve – Steve Jobs In His Own Words


Fortune magazine proclaimed Jobs ‘the CEO of the decade’. Harvard Business Review called him ‘the world’s best-performing CEO’. And the Wall Street Journal praised him as a ‘Person of the Decade’. Steve Jobs, the co-founder and longtime CEO of Apple, Inc., died on 5 October 2011, bringing to an end one of the greatest, most transformative business careers in history. Over the years Jobs gave countless interviews to the media, explaining what he called ‘the vision thing’-his unmatched ability to envision, and successfully bring to the marketplace, consumer products that people find simply irresistible. Drawn from more than three decades of media coverage-print, electronic and online-this book serves up the best, most thoughtprovoking insights spoken by Steve Jobs: more than two hundred quotations that are essential reading for everyone who seeks innovative inspiration from the legend himself.

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George Beahm

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ISBN: 978-9350292006


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