Management Mantras

Management Mantras is a book designed to help leaders and managers become better at their jobs. Organizations are now looking at new ways to keep their employees happy, motivated and consistent. This book elaborates on how the organization and its employees can develop a relationship which is valuable to both. The author believes that management begins in the mind and hence it is important to focus on its betterment.

In the introduction, readers will learn what management mantras are. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar defines the role of the managerial hierarchy. He says that the top management sets goals, the middle management calculates how and when these goals will be accomplished and the lower management focuses on the execution. If all levels work together in harmony, then the institution is said to be in good health. In this self-help guide, the author also says that different virtues can be learnt from every part of the world.

In the chapter titled Keys to Effective Management, readers will learn the difference between motivation and inspiration. Management Mantras also lists down the attributes of a good leader, like he has integrity, leads by example and has a long term vision. In order to develop leadership skills, the author says that an organization should create an environment of trust, give freedom to its employees and communicate well.


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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-9382146544


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