My Tall Green Friends


Living for many years in a cottage at 7,000 feet in the Garhwal Himalayas, I was fortunate in having a big window that opened out on the forest, so that the trees were almost within my reach. Had I jumped, I should have landed safely in the arms of an oak or chestnut.’
In this delightful read, Ruskin Bond has written about his special friends?the majestic trees on the mountain slopes that he visits regularly and the birds, animals and insects that visit him in his cottage. Bond is well-known for his inclination towards all things natural and his observation of them. From the oak, chestnut, deodar and chir trees to hornbills, squirrels, langurs, mynahs and blue jays?there’s a description of them all in this collection.
Gentle, elegiac and replete with beautiful descriptions of plants, animals and birds, this collection is for every nature enthusiast.

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Ruskin Bond

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ISBN: 978-9353046057


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