Possession: The Greek Tycoon’s Blackmailed Mistress, His Virgin Acquisition


Lynne Graham & Maisey Yates Intense, exciting novelists Blackmailed into Bed Ella desperately wants to care for her baby niece, but the child’s guardian is Aristandros Xenakis ? her ex-fiance! She has no choice but to submit to his demand ? she must become his mistress!
Na?ve and unworldly Ella is not like Aristandros’s usual sophisticated bed partners. Surely he will tire of her? Her Proposal, His Possession When Elaine presented her plan to Marco de Luca, she’d expected questions and logic, not the pure animal magnetism that this fierce tycoon exuded. Suddenly her proposal of a paper marriage seemed ludicrous. She had a tiger by the tail; Marco was no modern man ? his wife would be his wife by day and night!

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Maisey Yates

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21 Days

ISBN: 978-0263901825


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