Power Evangelism: Part One: My First Forty Years


“Tim Hall is a well known and loved Australian evangelist who has been preaching to great crowds of people across the earth for over 36 years. His powerful ministry has seen multitudes turn to Christ and vast numbers of significant miracles occur in these great campaigns. This wonderful autobiography will amuse you, inspire you and challenge you to believe that God has wonderful things in store for you.”
Senator Andrew Evans, former Senior Pastor of Paradise AOG church Adelaide and Former President of AOG denomination
Power Evangelism is Tim’s story told in an honest and humorous way. It will inspire you to believe that God can do great things through you.
Tim Hall is one of Australia’s best known and successful evangelists having preached globally for over 40 years. During this time he has preached on every continent to crowds of up to 100,000 people at one time. His emphasis has been the saving of souls and the healing of sick bodies in the name of Jesus. Together with his wife Jacque they travel the world, having seen over a million people come to Christ.

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Tim Hall

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