Stoob:The Adventures Of Stoob Testing Times

It’s February, and Stoob is glad that he’s almost done with Class Five?given
the not-so-great year he has been having, middle school can only be an
improvement. But just before he can heave a final sigh of relief, there’s an
announcement: the class test marks have all been cancelled, and getting
through to middle school depends on one giant exam!
And that’s how it starts, the whole nightmare that his future biographers will call
Stoob’s Incredibly Dangerous Exam Adventure. His life is turned upside down
when his parents don’t want him to do anything other than study, his friends
Ishani and Rehan suddenly go all pious and goody-goody-study-buddy, and
best friend Prithvi comes up with a Top Secret Plan to ace the exams without
studying. Add to that a crow and some monkeys out to get him, and Stoob is
about ready to have a nervous breakdown.
From bestselling author Samit Basu, this is one adventure that anyone who has
ever taken an exam won’t want to miss.


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Samit Basu

Reading Period

14 Days

ISBN: 978-8129132758


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