The Giving Tree

In an age of globalisation and industrialisation, ‘The Giving Tree’ is a book that in beautiful words tells about the relationship of selfless love between a boy and an apple tree.

The book also has evocative illustrations made by Shel Silverstein himself, which displays the story between a female apple tree and a boy. Throughout the boy’s life, the apple tree provides fruits to the boy who, upon growing up, realises that there is more to the tree than just the fruits. And, on having grown up, he demanded more and more from the tree, which the tree politely obliged always.

In a moving tale, Silverstein elaborates a tender story of love, warmth and consolation that borders on sadness. It is a moving parable for the readers of all ages, which offers a beautiful interpretation of the joy of giving along with a serene acceptance of nothing but love in return.


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Shel Silverstein

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-1846143830


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