The Made-In-India Manager

Over the last fifty years, several Indians have occupied top positions in multinationals across the globe. From Vikram Pandit at Citicorp and Padmasree Warrier at NIO to Satya Nadella at Microsoft, there are now more Indian CEOs helming S&P’s 500 companies than any other nationality except American. What accounts for such a prominent presence of the Indian professional in a global environment?

In The Made-in-India Manager two stalwarts from the world of Indian business and academics examine this little-studied phenomenon and present a singular, compelling argument: that a unique combination of factors has propelled Indian management thought and practice – exemplified by the super successful made-in-India managers across the world today – to be poised as a ‘soft power’ that has the potential to categorically influence global managers of tomorrow.

Charting the history of various aspects of Indian culture and tradition, and drawing on instances from their long and varied experience among corporates, the authors explore vital questions:

* What are the deep cultural influences that instill in people born and bred in India a sharp competitive instinct and an astute business perspective?

* What are the circumstances that engender in them a high degree of adaptability and resourcefulness, and ensure their success in multicultural work environments?

* Does the ability to ‘think in English and act in Indian’ enable Made-in-India managers to function more flexibly than others?

* And how can today’s young managers build on these advantages and bring to the table their own generational learnings, attitudes and capabilities to ensure future success?

Thought-provoking and provocative by turns, this compelling treatise takes a long view of where Indian professionals are headed, and is compulsory reading for every management practitioner – of yesterday, today or tomorrow.


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R. Gopalakrishnan

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ISBN: 978-9351952510


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