The Man From Pakistan

The Man from Pakistan by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins is a shocking and intriguing tale about international levels. The novel is an intense and fast – moving story told through the eyes of American and European officials.
The second nuclear age has begun and there is fear all around. Not since the end of the Cold War has there been such fear about a possible nuclear disaster. This time it’s worse as the effects could now be larger and more devastating. Should such an act happen, it is possible that the mastermind behind it is the formidable Abdul Qadeer Khan. Abdul Qadeer Khan is the Pakistani maker of the powerful Islamic bomb. He has masterminded a vast number of underground enterprises that have led to the selling of nuclear secrets to countries like Libya, Iran and North Korea. Khan’s organisation may be a loose – knit one, but its threat remains. It still has the capability to sell weapon blueprints, parts and contains the know – how to bring together the parts into a do – it – yourself bomb kit.
In such a situation, one would expect the American authorities to take action and halt all such operations, but to everyone’s surprise they choose to lie low and watch Khan’s actions. As they await Khan’s every next step, one by one he proves all probable international safeguards to be defunct. He proves to the world that none of them matter and are completely dysfunctional. The suspicion was on Khan right from the beginning and American and European officials ultimately do catch hold of him, but unfortunately the nuclear genie is out and is now of great danger. The Man from Pakistan is available in paperback. The book was published in 2008 by Twelve.


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Douglas Frantz

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21 Days

ISBN: 978-0446199582


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