The Story Of Google

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The Story of Google tells you the inspiring story of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, who first met on the campus of Stanford University, in the year 1995. Most people would not even be aware of the fact that the very first Google office was in a friend’s rented garage. Page and Brin soon began working on a likely doctoral thesis, which involved an attempt to download the complete World Wide Web, after which they would create a way to search the web, with the help of links.
After many issues that involved budgeting and design, Google came into being, as a company that was officially incorporated. This book brings you the never-before-heard story about the initial days when the company came into being, to the time that it became a mega success. This book tells you details about the leaders, growth and the various products that Google has been coming out with, over the years.
This extremely successful internet company was founded in the year 1998 and is currently the world’s favorite search engine, far ahead of its rivals. This series of books is an ideal inspirational series for those who are aspiring to be entrepreneurs and businesspeople.
The Story of Google has been published by Jaico Publishing House and is available in paperback.
Key Features
The book offers exclusive details concerning the origin and growth of the world’s most popular search engine, Google.
The book is an inspirational tool for budding entrepreneurs and businesspeople.


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Sara Gilbert

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ISBN: 978-8184953640


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