White House In A Gray City

Itzchak Belfer: I have lived my entire life in his light!
Through the intimate and authentic perspective of his student, we encounter Janusz Korczak, a pediatrician and adored teacher. In 1912, Korczak established a unique orphanage that is to this day a beacon for educators. There he gave children the freedom to develop and manage their talents. They learned about mutual responsibility and caring and how to create a righteous human society. Korczak was murdered by the Nazis at the Treblinka Death Camp when he refused to abandon his children.
I will never forget those times; this is a memorial volume
The author, Itzchak Belfer, was raised and educated in Korczak’s orphanage. We read of his flight from the Nazis through the Polish forests to Russia to become the only survivor in his large family and his attempt to immigrate to Israel, only to be waylaid in a Cypress deportation camp, where he studied art. Then of his renewed life in Israel, where his art commemorates Janusz Korczak, the Holocaust, and the family he lost.
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Itzchak Belfer

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