Entrepreneur 5 P.M. To 9 A.M

You have a job and an idea for a business. What do you do then? Crisp, reader-friendly and practical, Entrepreneur 5 P.M. to 9 A.M. tells you how you can become an entrepreneur even if you have a full-time job and are risk-averse. With facts, flowcharts and illustrations, this is a fast and super-useful read, from which you will come away with a clear and solid road-map for converting your idea into a viable enterprise and taking your venture from zero to launch. With case studies, anecdotes and easy-to-follow guidelines, this book:
Tells you how you can realize your dream of being an entrepreneur even if you have a full-time job
Provides you with widely tested and proven methods that dramatically reduce risks of failure
Shows how you can make your product a profitable one even before significant investments are made
Discusses how you can increase the valuation of your start-up in order to successfully obtain funding
Explains how you can align your business goals with wider life goals and leverage your personal strengths
Tells you how to launch a start-up that you will enjoy building.
Read this book if you’ve ever had an idea that you want to turn into a profitable business endeavor.


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Kanth Miriyala

Reading Period

7 Days

ISBN: 978-8129123930


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