Inside India: Festivals And Celebrations

Series Blurb: India is incredible, unmatched, unlimited… It is also fun as the new Inside India! series will show you. Each book in the series is designed around an Indian theme such as Food, Festivals and Celebrations, Historical Places and Eco Victories, and will include word-searches, crosswords, multiple choice quizzes, picture quizzes, jokes and riddles, art and craft, recipes, puzzles and more. Book Blurb: Join Indy and Dia on a mad, intelligent and fun tour of India’s popular, curious and bewildering festivals and celebrations. This activity book will help you navigate India’s colourful festival calendar through engaging activities like word searches, crossword puzzles, number games, recipes, art and craft and much more. Meet people from different states, learn interesting traditions, and discover India’s rich cultural heritage that never ceases to amaze. This activity book for kids has multiple on-page activities on colourful high quality paper that can keep kids busy for hours on weekends and holidays


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ISBN: 978-9352774319


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