The Bugle Calls: A Life in the Indian Army

September 8?10, 1965. Indian forces at Asal Uttar, though hopelessly outgunned and understrength, destroy the Pakistani armour.

September 11?12, 1965. The Indian Army follows up on that great victory with something incredible?and appalling.

December 4, 1971. Indian forces march into Bangladesh; time is of the essence; the US or China, or both, could enter the war ?

December 7, 1971. Jessore falls. December 16, Dacca falls. December 17, Khulna falls. The entire Pakistani Army in Bangladesh surrenders.

The Bugle Calls is a candid, racy, humorous memoir of a life lived in the Indian Army. A roller-coaster of a book, every lap of it is filled with sights and sounds of the military, and of independent India’s biggest wars.


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Kiran Doshi

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-9388754484


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