Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company?s Future?and What to Do About It

Today’s consumers prefer the advantages of access over the hassles of ownership. It’s not just internet services like Netflix and Spotify; even industrial firms like GE and Caterpillar are reinventing themselves as solutions providers. Whether you sell software, clothes, insurance, or industrial machines, you need to master the transition to the subscription model.

Adapting to the subscription economy takes more than just deciding to sell subscriptions instead of products. You’ll have to reinvent your company from the inside out — from your accounting to your entire IT architecture. No matter how large or small your company, Subscribed gives you a practical, step-by-step framework to rebuild your business around a customer-centric, recurring revenue model.In ten years, we’ll be subscribing to everything: information technology, transportation, retail, healthcare, even housing. Informed by insights straight from the servers of Zuora, the world’s largest subscription finance platform, Subscribed is the book that explains how this shift really works — and how business leaders can prepare and prosper.


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Tien Tzuo, Gabe Weisert

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14 Days

ISBN: 978-0241363669


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