The Road To The Bazaar

Set in Bond’s beloved Dehradun, The Road to the Bazaar is a delightful collection of short stories that bring to life the amusing exploits of Suraj, Ranji, Koki and their friends, as they grow up in the small hillside town of North India. In his inimitable style, Bond etches out the everyday incidents that shape their lives: there is Mukesh’s visit to the Delhi zoo which inspires him to start his own, Koki’s beetle race against Bhim and Ranji that results in an unexpected winnerand Suraj’s great train journey which sees the forging of an unlikely friendship in a goods train.
Including classics such as ‘Ranji’s Wonderful Bat’, ‘The Boy Who Broke the Bank’ and ‘Koki’s Song’, The Road to the Bazaar demonstrates why Bond continues to be one of India’s best-loved authors.


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Ruskin Bond

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7 Days

ISBN: 978-8171673629


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